Dancehall Hip Hop artist Star Zee AKA QueenKong from West Africa Sierra Leone Making Major Waves

Star Zee grew up in one of the poorest countries in the world with no entertainment industry at the time. ZeeZee has been the most consistent artist in Sierra Leone all thanks to her Man-Ager, her husband who is also one Sierra Leone’s Top artist Don Mystiq also known as “The Hook God” who put his career on hold to push his wife to become an international act and the #1 most followed entertainer in her country Sierra Leone have more than 300+ followers. Queen Kong has won many internationally and home base awards from such as Global music Awards Africa for Global Hip Hop song of the year, Lake awards Africa and has been nominated for every Africa award show for Best Hip Hop/ Dancehall and international act of the year. She was nominated 2023 international Reggae & World Music Award along side Shatta Wake and many other big international acts. She has won over 10 NEA awards, SLAAM awards and many more. Star has been recognized for empowering women all over the world as continue to do so today. Star Zee has always kept her personal life from the public eye. She grew up in a barracks with her parents and siblings who all are independent and support their sister through the entertainment industry. Living in a country with no income and fighting to financially support your family with no industry the goal is to always push yourself to get international recognition and prove to the world that she deserve more then what she is getting. A year from now Star Zee’s goal is to do her first World tour from U.K, U.S to West, East and South Africa. As for 2023 she is starting her first ever LadiesFest December 2023 in Sierra Leone which she will be doing in different countries and cities to continue to empower women all over the world. Star Zee has many hit songs in Africa with her break through song Lighter. She continues to feature artist like StoneBoy from Ghana and Emmerson from Sierra Leone. She then did a song for the ladies call independent girl which she talks about women shouldn’t sell their bodies just to live a certain lifestyle. Star Zee is soon to be dropping her new single where she talks about how thankful and blessed to be where she is right now in her life. Star Zee said this is just the beginning for her. She has so much in stores for her fans all over the world because they deserve so much for all the support and love they have shown her.

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