Rising R&B Singer Simone Kelly Releases New Single “Hit It Off”

After years of proving all doubters wrong, Simone Kelly is ready to prove herself right. Just a few years ago, the rising R&B singer was competing on MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals III, and now she is taking center stage in the music industry. While pivoting from TV to music, it has helped Kelly explore her passion, she admits that it has not been easy.

Like many women in the music industry, Kelly has faced tough moments of not always being taken seriously. During moments of excitement, like working with new producers, the songstress would eventually be misled by their intentions. For example, when Kelly would hit up producers for beats, their response of “let’s work,” would often turn into the wrong expectations. Kelly admits, ‘It would turn into them liking me and, if I declined, they’d charge me a high rate or ghost me.’

Though being pretty has its advantages, Kelly wants women to know that being a boss is your biggest advantage. As she developed a thick skin and keen insight into the music industry’s politics, she quickly morphed into a star.

With the release of her new single, ‘Hit It Off,’ Kelly wants her audience to know that she will continue to give fans music that they will be able to feel and take them along on a journey with her. Her latest single she opens up about her love life after meeting someone new and “hitting it off” from day one. This is something all women can relate to and that is the exact reason why so many people love Simone Kellys music.

Follow her on social media @itssimonekelly and listen to her latest single “Hit It Off” streaming on all music platforms.

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