Catchy and Upbeat: “Groove to the Sounds of Apollo Bliss: An Emerging Music Sensation

Apollo Bliss is an emerging music artist from El Paso, Texas, who is making waves in the music industry with his unique style of music that blends spacey, experimental sounds with catchy beats. Apollo Bliss chose his stage name based on the self-destructive sense of happiness that his music embodies, and his own lived experiences. He has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old and started producing beats and rapping when he was 17. 

Apollo Bliss draws inspiration from some of the most legendary musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Travis Scott, and Flume. His music is a mix of turnt and trippy, with a purpose to make people groove and feel good. Apollo Bliss’s greatest achievement as a musician is dedicating his music video for “I Promise” to his late friend Noah, and receiving love and appreciation from his family and friends.

Apollo Bliss’s music-making process involves starting with melody in his production and writing the song during the process before recording vocals. He works on his music every day, and if he’s not working on production, he’s writing or composing. His latest project ISTA just dropped on all platforms, and he’s already working on a couple of singles with an EP for the summer.

Apollo Bliss wants his audience to know that he shows love to everyone and loves seeing the culture grow. He is passionate about his Hispanic Latino roots and wants to give a shoutout to his people. With his unique sound and growing popularity, Apollo Bliss is an artist to watch out for in the music industry.


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