Award-winning Writer Tammy Reese Weighs in on Press Accountability

Award-Winning Writer and Journalist, Tammy Reese is best known for landing major interviews with Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony winners, but she also has a large portfolio covering stories that discuss business owners, thought and community leaders, and mental health awareness among other social impact topics.

Tammy is extremely proud of the interviews she obtained as a veteran independent media professional with big names such as Sharon Stone, Geena Davis, Laurence Fishburne, Omar Epps, Nelly, Jennifer Connelly, Sigourney Weaver, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Ryan Coogler, Mona Scott- Young, Courtney Kemp and more. She’s also just as proud to have also interviewed tons of up-and-coming talents, small business owners, and those names we are not familiar with that are making a profound impact in their communities and beyond.

Today we obtained an exclusive interview with Tammy to discover why she pursued a media career, what freedom of the press means to her, and more.

Happy International Black Women’s History Month! We’ve taken note of your career as a celebrity interviewer and also a well-rounded journalist that covers a host of topics. What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Tammy: I enjoy interviewing inspirational people if they are famous or not. I am honored to be able to interview notable household names that I have grown up to or admired from afar just as much as everyday people who I came to learn about through their sharing their stories with me.

Why did you decide to pursue a media career?

Tammy: Freedom of the press is a huge responsibility and should never be taken for granted, should never be taken lightly, and never should be used for a vain agenda. Throughout my career, everything I’ve done involved storytelling. If it was acting, directing, writing, public relations, or journalism. Media is so universal and as an independent media professional I am able to tell the stories that need to be told without needing validation and approval or being forced to tell them. I decided to get into the media field because my pure intentions have called me to make an impact by sharing powerful and visionary stories, especially of obstacles to victory and pain to triumph.

What have you learned about the media industry since you have begun your career?

Tammy: I have learned that the media industry is forever changing and that’s a good thing. There is always a trend or new equipment and software to learn about.

I have also learned that I am very adaptable within the multimedia space. I have experience writing for magazines, blogs, and newspapers, as well as podcast co-hosting. I am able to interview someone via Zoom, email, and phone with the same enthusiasm I would have on the red carpet.

What have been some challenges while navigating this over a 25-year career in media?

Tammy: I would say at times I’ve tried to reach out to numerous mainstream professionals to network with, introduce myself, or learn from who didn’t take me seriously because I wasn’t attached to a mainstream platform. Majority of the time they end up reaching back out to me when they find out that as an independent journalist, I have covered tons of industry events and landed some of the biggest interviews a journalist who covers entertainment could land.

When I think about it, it’s not really a challenge, it’s just a part of the business. Just like hearing the word no.

Tell us about your media company.

Tammy: At Visionary Minds Public Relations and Media we assist our clients with building their media portfolio so that they showcase their brands to new audiences while continuing to be highlighted as a credible experts in their field by being featured in the press.

We’ve searched the hashtag #TammyReeseMedia is this your personal brand?

Tammy: Yes, Tammy Reese Media is my personal brand. As a veteran multimedia professional, I cover industry events, the hottest tv shows and films, and interview celebrities.

What are you currently working on?

Tammy: I am offering one on one consulting for aspiring media professionals ready to take their careers to the next level as well as media training for those who are eager to learn how to navigate the industry to the best of their ability.

My work for my clients never ends and I love working with each client at Visionary Minds Public Relations and Media. I am also working on a lot of writing and a couple of podcasts. More information will come soon.

What advice would you have for women who aspire to enter the media industry?

Tammy: Be in it for the love of it. Not for wanting to be around or interview celebs. I obtained a degree in media. I just wanted to interview people. All the opportunities that have come my way have been because I study my craft and always wanted to do this.

How can we follow you on social media?

Tammy: @tammyreesemedia

Photo Credit: LaKisa Renee

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