From Outcast to Rockstar: The Inspiring Story of BenBoh and His Latest Release “Sick of Love”

Rising star BenBoh is taking the rock and hip-hop world by storm with his latest release, “Sick Of Love.” Produced by Mike Mvjor, this joint is straight heat and has catapulted BenBoh into the spotlight.

BenBoh is originally from Olney, Maryland, and he grew up feeling like an outcast because of his love for music. However, despite facing a lot of doubt and criticism, he and his brother CamBoh were inspired to create music with meaning after the tragic passing of BenBoh’s younger sister, Cashen.

What I admire about BenBoh is that he’s not just a musician but also a writer and producer. His signature butterfly symbolizes his personal transformation and inspires his fans to embrace change and growth, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Since releasing “Sick Of Love,” BenBoh has made significant moves. The track has already gotten over 80k streams on Spotify in just two weeks, and the music video has racked up over 1M views. The video, directed by Corey Hallam and Jasmine Cartwright-Atkins, is about BenBoh’s struggles to succeed in the music industry despite the doubts and negativity he’s faced.

But BenBoh is not one to give up easily. He’s been hitting the road, performing live, and spreading his message of hope and perseverance. And with lyrics like “I remember I didn’t have a friend on my back now…now they all comin’ back look at that now,” he’s keeping it real and showing that success doesn’t always come from the people you expect.

MTV’s Spankin New has already picked up “Sick Of Love” and is playing it on heavy rotation, which is a huge deal. But this is the beginning for BenBoh. He’s a talented artist with a powerful message, and I’m excited to see what he does next. So keep your eyes and ears open because BenBoh might be coming to a city near you soon!



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