Reggie Westmoreland’s Bad Domination Entertainment is Paving the Way for Young Artists and Entrepreneurs

What started out as a record label is transforming into an all-around entertainment company. Bad Domination Entertainment, also known as B.D.E., is one of the leading Northern Californian brands helping establish new artists in the industry. With time and patience, Reggie Westmoreland, CEO of B.D.E., aims to teach young artists how to simultaneously handle business, and level up in the industry.

Westmoreland takes pride in the accomplishments achieved by B.D.E. thus far such as records independently going gold, soon-to-be platinum with his artist, Haiti Babii. Haiti Babii is B.D.E.’s Northern Californian first-known artist coming out of the city. Starting from nothing, B.D.E. has already had an artist take part in a world tour. “I saw where I wanted to take Haiti Babii and was willing to work through any obstacles that he faced,” Reggie says. Bad Domination Entertainment makes sure that artists safely bypass any bridges and obstacles preventing them from receiving major recognition from these labels.

Recognition for artists through the brand has been the entrepreneur’s biggest challenge. For the upcoming year, his main goals are getting the proper restitution for artists and getting the attention of major record labels. Westmoreland desires to teach new artists how to make residuals through major streaming platforms. He encourages artists to keep publishing and ownership of their music.

The future of B.D.E. is envisioned as being closely partnered with major label records, and overseeing the development of multiple artists. As the CEO of B.D.E., Westmoreland aims to branch out into filmmaking and content creation. “I want to show young entrepreneurs the importance of following your dreams and taking risks,” he says. “I want to open the door for upcoming talent coming out of Northern California and give them a safe space to create music. We didn’t have that growing up.”

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