Chicago’s Own Parris Is Making His Name Ring Worldwide

Chicago Artist and producer Parris has made his waves throughout the entertainment industry with unique sounds and a great presence. His work ethic and ability to craft with both quality and quantity have made him a standout performer in the Chicago scene. Now with multiple projects slated to release 2023, Parris is ready to spread his name further than ever before.
Parris began making music at a young age, getting his first taste of stardom in 8th grade at a talent show. From there, it was clear Parris relished in the spotlight and wanted to pursue a life in entertainment. He began producing music for himself and others, using collaboration as a marketing tool to reach more people. Now gearing up to release more music in the new year, Parris has goals of further separating himself from the crowd. His plans to release two mixtapes in 2023 might be upped by a third, as Parris constantly looks for new ways to innovate for his fans.
Check out Parris on Instagram and get ready for new music from the Chicago hitmaker.

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