Freddie Wahter Releases Highly Anticipated Compilation Album, “Works'”

New York City’s vibrant art and fashion scene has a new rising star – Freddie Wahter, whose work spans across music, art, and fashion. Freddie Wahter has made a name for themselves in the city’s art and music communities, with their visually striking artwork being exhibited in galleries and their unique musical style being featured on various platforms and radio stations.

But Freddie Wahter  isn’t content to just make waves in one creative industry – they’ve also brought their unique perspective and style to the world of music.

Freddie Wahter is excited to announce the release of their highly anticipated compilation album, “Works”. This album showcases Freddie Wahter’s diverse range of sounds and styles, and includes some of their most popular tracks as well as a few previously unreleased tracks. The album is a must-listen for fans of Freddie Wahter  and anyone looking to discover new and exciting music. “Works” is available for streaming on all major platforms. Don’t miss out on this release – be sure to add “Works” to your playlist today and keep up with Freddie Wahter through his Spotify and instagram




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