Singer & Multi-Instrumentalist Bright Brown Lives in the Moment with Hypnotizing Hit “Aimless”

Brooklyn-based singer, Chapman Stick player, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Nahas aka Bright Brown confronts our collective existentialism in his hypnotizing new hit “Aimless”. Delivering reflective vocals and an addictive instrumental loop, “Aimless” questions our continued desire to set lofty goals despite knowing that there’s only so much that we can control. The pandemic proved that life is capable of throwing us unpredictable turns in events, making it that much harder to plan and devise. So instead of planning ahead, “Aimless” is about living in the moment and the beauty of being present during uncertainty as we continue to take life one fickle day at a time.

“Why take aim, Because aimless is drifting / And drifting is easier, Easier brings peace” ~ “Aimless”

Ironically, the first time Nahas performed “Aimless” was a few days before everything shut down for COVID. At the time, the song was simply an improvisation, but as time went on, the lyrics took on a whole new meaning. Aimless features Nahas singing and playing the rarely heard Chapman Stick, Eddie Avakian on drums, Jamie Muhoberac on keyboards, and Ava Nahas on percussion. As his music has evolved over time, so have his other creative endeavors. Recently, his latest EP offered fans a beautifully illustrated lyric book, where he reflected in a post-2020 world through his dark but hopeful lens. Nahas delivers musical influence from artists like Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, David Bowie and Elvis Costello – all being one of a kind musicians who shoehorned unorthodox approaches into digestible pop music. Thoughtful and reflective, with a knack for rendering outside-world concerns in the landscape of the personal, Bright Brown continues to venture into new frontiers with each successive song.

Listen to “Aimless” on Spotify here.

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