Indie Pop Star Lorelei Marcell Captures the Emotional Complexities of a Breakup in “Bittersweet Stages”

After consistently releasing single after single this year, Lorelei is ready to greet the Fall season with an introspective masterpiece. In her new track “Bittersweet Stages” she brilliantly captures the duality of emotions that one experiences during a breakup. It takes two to tango, and while ending a relationship brings its obvious sadness and heartbreak, it also makes room for personal growth and acceptance. After a recent breakup, indie pop artist Lorelei Marcell entered a chapter where she felt like she was finally falling back in love with herself. Beginning to let go of the consuming burden that is heartbreak, she found herself ready to move forward from the relationship so that she could focus on becoming her best self. Instrumentally uplifting and energized, “Bittersweet Stages” combines the lighthearted ethos of catchy pop music with Lorelei’s compelling vocal delivery, offering fans a personal glimpse into her self love journey.

“Think I’m having a moment where I can feel happy without you / These bittersweet stages write my way through these pages…” ~ “Bittersweet Stages”

In anticipation of her upcoming album, she wanted to include a track that both lyrically and sonically embodied the feeling of ‘moving on.’ Through airy synths and her signature heart-on-sleeve storytelling, she does exactly this. “Bittersweet Stages” is about allowing for time to pass in order to get over somebody you loved. And during her reflection, the duality of emotions she experienced left her feeling ‘bittersweet’ as she recalls all of the good memories as well as the moments that led to their inevitable breakup. Inevitably, this person in her life will always remain as someone who she looks at in a confusing, yet vulnerable, light; a relatable message to many – if someone is capable of loving you, they are very much capable of hurting you too.

About Lorelei Marcell: Born outside of Philadelphia, Lorelei was brought up in a suburb of Boston and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. The young pop artist has not only gathered over a million cumulative streams independently but has also drawn the likes of GRAMMY® Award-nominated songwriter JHart [Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Usher] to her corner. During 2021, she released her debut self-titled EP, Lorelei Marcell, amassing 680k+ Spotify streams and the single, Your Biggest Fan, accumulated 231k+ YouTube views on the Official Music Video. On its heels, the fiercely modern “Human Nature (So Wylie Remix)” drew 300k+ Spotify streams courtesy of a viral TikTok moment. Recently, Lorelei dropped her sophomore EP entitled Stranger (July 2022), which had singles featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists, as well as countless other editorials across dsps. Lorelei’s music continues to defy both era and categorization. Lorelei’s music has been featured in Wonderland Magazine, LadyGunn, FLAUNT and many more.

Listen to “Bittersweet Stages” on Spotify here.

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