Ohio Producer and Rapper 808TWill Is Breaking Barriers

  • Hailing from Canton, Ohio, buzzing producer/rapper 808TWill has his eyes set on the prize. After paying his dues supplying beats & verses to some of the best upcoming acts in his region, he’s ready to put his music to the test against the industry’s best. With placements coming through daily and a debut project in the works, the music world is getting ready to be eating out of 808TWill’s palms.
Learning to produce at the young age of 12, 808TWill has always had an ear for music. He taught himself how to make beats on his PlayStation 2, eventually transitioning over to the music production software FL Studio. Influenced by God himself and inspired by producers like Zaytoven and Kanye West, 808TWill uses music as a way to spread good energy and positive messages. He’s currently working on his debut project and placements for major artists.
Check out 808TWill on Instagram to stay updated on new music from the Ohio hitmaker.

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