TAYLS Drops New Track “Universe Is Crumbly”

Nashville’s friendship-punks Tayls deliver a romantic anthem for the end of the world with “Universe is Crumbly” supporting their performances at Wonderbus Festival (Aug 26; Duran Duran) and Live on the Green (Sep 4; COIN). The apocalyptic love song is the first single off their forthcoming album following their critically acclaimed debut record, Have You Ever? I’ve Always (2021).

“Hold me, the universe is crumbly, you’re the only shiny thing in my eyes” the band chants as they translate real-life crippling fear into a joyful reason to exist. The tongue in cheek “and if you’re lonely, we could die together – try to kick the chaos out of your mind” paints a picture of lovers or friends holding hands while the world goes down in flames set to an uptempo sing-a-long that anyone living through multiple plagues can relate to. The video follows a rove of apocalypse bandits (composed of the 8 members of Tayls) in a DIY “Mad Max” setting.

As brazen on-stage as they are sonically, Tayls is known for their over-the-top live performances, which combine immersive lighting, dancers, drag queens, giant swan dives, confetti and balloons to create a one-of-a-kind visceral experience. In addition to their festival appearances, Tayls will support the single release with a co-headlining southeast tour with Forrest Isn’t Dead as well as a showcase at Nashville Film Festival in late September.

A stalwart of the Nashville music community for years, Taylor Cole assembled a collection of the city’s most talented musicians and closest friends to bring to life a vision first thought up by Cole and then-roommate Greg Dorris. The addition of Creature Comfort bandmate Jessey Clark (bass), Jo Cleary (violin), Mo Balsam (keys/vocals), Michael Taylor (synth), Andy Heath (guitar) and Atticus Swartwood (drums) created a type of magic that can only grow from the roots of pure friendship.

That enchanting feeling is woven through every note and chord of their music, which melds the theatrical excitement of the band’s stage shows with the honesty and heart of Cole’s achingly personal lyrics. 

Watch the official music video here.

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