Anin Rose Releases New Single “Feed This Fire”

Photo Credit: Diana Patient

London-based recording artist Anin Rose is back with a fiery new track guaranteed to stir up some emotions. Inspired by a close friend’s messy relationship, “Feed This Fire” explores that fine line between passion and signs of a toxic battle between lovers, seeming to insinuate their need to argue in order to connect. Coming from a harmonious situation herself, Anin could not ignore her friend’s turmoil; her vicarious interest in this chaotic situation is what motivated her to tell the tale in song. The dynamics of such a passionate relationship were an emotional roller coaster, delivering beautiful poetry and praise at its high points and regrettable arguments and fights at its lows.

“Oh it wouldn’t be the same, If we didn’t feed the flames…So will this ever change” ~ Feed This Fire

Having conducted the London International Gospel Choir, Anin’s compositions are typically shaped by the choral sound. And whilst she typically performs her music with only keys and voices, her new tracks, including “Feed This Fire”, consist of more electronic elements to support a cinematic backdrop fit for the big screen. Writing the song over two years ago, Anin had implemented minimal production until crossing paths with music producer SVVIM who took her piano and vocals to brand new heights. The duo brilliantly captured the soulful, intimate nature of the track while still staying true to Anin’s larger than life instrumental soundscape. Known for crafting empowering songs with a gospel twist, Anin’s music is making a major impact; she has headlined shows at St Giles In the Fields as well as St. Pancras Old Church in London. Her music has received high praises in both Germany and Sweden; as an arranger and MD, she has also had the opportunity to work with artists like Freya Ridings and Jamie Grey as well as Hugh Jackman and Take That at the famous O2 Arena. Her latest tracks will also be available as NFTs as part of the ‘Blocktunes’ collection (see more information here).

Listen to her new track on Spotify here.

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