Rising Songstress Jadi Torres Discusses the Art of Storytelling, Cultural Sounds, and Her New Single “Pa Mi Gente”

Rising Bronx, NYC  songstress Jadi Torres brings harmony to her sound with the musical fusion of her Latin roots and the R&B and hip-hop waves we hear. Jadi has written and co-written for many artists, but she tapped into a bigger love for music when she began recording her projects. In 2016, he released her first single on all digital platforms and it catapulted her career as a singer in the Latin Christian market, as one of few female singer-songwriters within the Spanish urban field. Since then, Jadi has not stopped creating and collaborating across the board. Releasing an EP and many singles, influencing with positive, motivational- feel-good vibes. Venturing into new fields is what Jadi has been known to do, knocking down barriers in music and creativity. Producing and acting are a few of the next fields we will see her storm through, which is only the beginning.

OneWest: How could you describe your music?

Jadi: My music is diverse and gives feels of fresh cultural sounds. Lyrically it empowers positivity and gives a voice to anyone who advocates for clarity and realness.

OneWest: Describe your creative process? 

Jadi: I love going into my creative process with a clear mind, focused on the topic i want to tackle and jotting down everything that comes to mind, whether it’s words, melodies, or music.

OneWest: What is your main inspiration in music?

Jadi: My inspiration is being able to inspire. Creating timeless music to be played and remembered with the greatest of all time.

OneWest: What music do you admire most and why?

Jadi: Definitely, music that can take me somewhere to a time place, or emotion. I love good old-school R&B, Jazz,  and Hip Hop anything that gives a good story or feel.

OneWest: Tell us about your latest song “Pa Mi Gente” which is a part of the “North of the 10” soundtrack.

Jadi: Pa mi Gente was a moment of culture-loving and unity, a song written to bridge differences. The same is true with NOT10, both the song and movie served a purpose in combining adversities and differences to make something greater.

OneWest: What is one message that you would like to give to your fans?

Jadi: You don’t have to create a story to be relevant, your life and daily surroundings will always be enough.

OneWest: What skills are the most useful in the music industry?

Jadi: Love for what you do and create.

OneWest: What do you enjoy the most about your career?

Jadi: The freedom to be creative and reach people all over the world with what i do.

OneWest: What are you working on wrapping up this summer?

Jadi: I’ve been deep diving into acting and planning on releasing new music to tour.

OneWest: What do you want to leave behind regarding legacy?

Jadi: Memorability in the words i speak and write. If you can’t remember my face remember my words.

OneWest: What can we expect from you in 2022-2023? 

Jadi: New music, videos, movies, tv shows. I’m diving into all the things I’ve wanted to do but thought I couldn’t.


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