GuttaWitDaSack Begins To Put South Carolina On The Map

For those who are looking for the next big thing in HipHop should consider looking in Columbia, South Carolina. That is where GuttaWitDaSack is from and has been making noise in his local scene. Thanks to his recent 8 song album Mill Ticket, GuttaWitDaSack delivered consistent content which continues to grow his fanbase.

Before GuttaWitDaSack started gaining traction, he first was involved in the hood of Columbia, SC. While living there GuttaWitDaSack would often see struggles which eventually would inspire him to create the music he makes today. Content wise GuttaWitDaSack can be compared with legends like Tupac and Boosie. The comparison lies in the lyrics where GuttaWitDaSack as well as Tupac and Boosie all rap about their struggles, and struggles they’ve seen others go through. This real-rap attracts fans who can relate to GuttaWitDaSack’s music and is one of the biggest reasons he is heating up in South Carolina

Consistency mixed with talent has always been the recipe for success. That’s the exact formula GuttaWitDaSack has been using which so far has been working well.

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