Florida Rapper CJ Riches Is Putting Numbers On The Board

Hailing from Deerfield Beach, Florida, hip-hop artist CJ Riches is putting numbers on the board. His music is energetic and deeply rooted in the sound and culture of South Florida. On his newest single, “Hunnids”, CJ Riches raps about money and motivation over head banging production.


Growing up in Southern Florida, CJ Riches had many local influences to look up to when he began making music. However it was rap greats from all over the country like 50 Cent, Eminem, and Tupac that inspired the young Floridian to create his first records. On his debut EP “Still Trappin”, CJ Riches made a name for himself by speaking on authentic moments from his upbringing and connecting with fans. His latest single, “Hunnids” was released June 2022, and is just one of many releases planned for CJ Riches this year. With things heating up, CJ promises fans new music, videos, and vibes in the soon coming future.


Listen to CJ Riches on Spotify and get ready for new music from the Florida rapper.


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