Born and raised in various parts of the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) in California, WesCovDru carries a distinct sound that crafts energizing and refreshing songs throughout multiple genres. Known for his range and versatility, the multi-talented artist characterizes his style as “very unique” and credits himself for his individuality. “One thing for sure, I know I don’t sound like anyone else.” He states. Currently working on the completion of his first album, ‘Now or Never,’ coming June 23rd, WesCovDru is eager to show the world what he can do!

He began writing music in 2016. Through creating a cover on his Instagram story, his close friend and now the main producer told him to come to a studio and record music. WesCovDru then created his first track and instantly fell in love with the creative process of writing and making music. With elements of pop, RnB, trap soul, and rap, WesCovDru references both old and new school artists such as Brandy, New Edition, Bryson Tiller, and Drake, simply to name a few.

“Drake is by far my biggest inspiration. He does a little bit of everything and his melodies are insane!” The artist states.

WesCovDru also opens up about how music has always been a dormant passion of his. Through his journey with self-reflection, he discovered that music is what he’s meant to do. Growing up mainly in West Covina, this is where his artist name has stemmed from, alongside his nickname being Dru. He’s always been surrounded by artists, as his high school best friend, Tezy Wonda creates music, and late older brother, Randy, was also an artist and would encourage him to rap.

“It didn’t help that my Mama was a singer growing up and always forced my siblings and I to sing at family parties!” WesCovDru retells.

Although the rising star still has more to come, he tells us that things weren’t always easy. Between moving throughout the San Gabriel Valley due to some hardships, his father being sentenced to life in prison, and losing one of his biggest influences, his older brother, music has always been a big factor in his life and he considered picking up his legacy. He also opens up about having a son around this same time.

“I was young and immature…but it opened my mind and made me really start thinking and soul searching for what I really wanted to be in life. I had to become someone that my son would be proud to call father.” He began. “My hardships have really humbled me. I was searching for the hidden passion that had always been inside me but because it was so natural I was blind to see it.”

The independent artist’s biggest motivation is his son, who he’d like to give a life of abundance. One of his goals is to be someone his son is proud to call his father. Another one of his goals is to make enough money through music to where it can become his job, business and foundation. He’d like to not only grow his platform but to use that platform to inspire youth and make an impact on kids and people going through substantial hardships. He aspires to be able to make music for the rest of his life and get paid for it.

“I need people to understand that it’s okay to be doubted, it’s okay to not have the support you want, as long as your mind and heart are in the right place, and the focus is dialed into your goals, then anything in this world is attainable.” He comments.

WesCovDru shared that he’s performed at multiple venues thus far, such as a club in 2017, a showcase in the Inland Empire, and just recently, the Metro Ale House in Pomona on May 29th. He’s also had plenty of his work go viral with the help of being in a large engagement group which has helped with the exposure. The talent doesn’t stop there though! Not only can he create music but WesCovDru can also dance and was recently in a short film. He also says he’s taking casting calls, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Outside of music, however, WesCovDru likes to fill up his time with hobbies. He mentions that he enjoys snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer and fall. Truly living up to his versatile title, he also goes bowling pretty often, loves playing men’s softball, and has recently joined a men’s flag football team. While making music and even after, he plans on investing in real estate, continuing his NFT, Stock, and Crypto plans. Through this, he plans on opening up a gym with a friend as well as starting nonprofit organizations that would aid less fortunate families going through hardships and families with one or more parents being incarcerated.

He leaves readers with an inspiring message: “Give yourself goals that seem impossible. Set your standards so high that people think you’re crazy when you tell them about your dreams and aspirations. Never quit, stay positive and never listen to negative opinions from irrelevant people…it’s your life, you decide what happens, not them! Love all, be kind, stay humble, never give up, TRUST GOD!”

His music is available on all streaming platforms with the exception of SoundCloud for right now!

Check out the ‘Only Want You’ music video here!

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Instagram: @WesCovDru

Facebook: Andrew Perez

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