Wicked Willow Taps into 1960’s Classic Rock, Doom and Psychedelia in “Crossin Rivers”

Poetic and upbeat, “Crossin Rivers” might be the NYC trio’s best music yet. Paired with a LIVE in-studio performance, the psychedelia rock band taps into musical nostalgia both instrumentally and aesthetically as we witness their heart-on-sleeve storytelling about a desperate search for their muse. Manifesting a dream-lover who truly understands the ins and outs of a musical journey, Wicked Willow sends energy out into the universe that will resonate with listeners across the globe.

Shot at Brooklyn’s Strange Weather Studio, the music video gives fans exclusive footage of the band performing in their true element. Ready to take another step toward their destination, “Crossin Rivers” marks sincere growth for the band who have been brought together by pure musical synergy. Delivering a perfect blend of energy, emotion, rebellion and organic expression, Wicked Willow’s new track is one for the books and you heard it here first!

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Watch the official in-studio doc footage HERE.

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