Meet Goblin: A 420-Friendly Phenom Who Is Taking Youtube By Storm

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in a good amount of our country, platforms and social media sites have become more open to the topic of drug use. 10 years ago, no one would even dream of centering their page around weed or psychedelics. Luckily for our renaissance man Goblin, things are changing in his favor.
Meet Goblin aka Nick Campana, YouTube’s resident 420 content creator. His channel has over 500,000 subscribers, all invested into Goblin’s subjects like weed smoke and other drug related things. He stays consistent with his uploading, hoping to inspire other young creators with his work ethic and eclectic topics. When Goblin isn’t filming a new video, he’s most likely getting high and conceptualizing a new video; he never quite stops working. It’s this tenacity that makes his year end goal of a million subscribers a strong possibility, and Goblin is passionate about making that happen. He’s currently working on his upcoming podcast “The Gobcast”, where he’ll further his drug fueled discussions with his fans and other creators.

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