Pharoah Lotto Making powerful moves that the world will love

Pharoah Lotto is a new artist making his presence known quickly in the music industry. Originally from Compton, he grew up in Victorville and started working on music as a teenager. One of his older peers recognized his talent at a young age and encouraged the youth to write and record. All it took was one person to acknowledge his skills, and he hit the ground running to his destiny. Pharoah Lotto’s inspiration is Andre 3000s lyricism and fearlessness and the consistency and confidence of Lil Wayne. On his musical journey, he prides himself in letting his fear fall away and finding a confident part of himself, and not being afraid to approach people. The California artist preaches a lifestyle of consistency to reach your dreams and return to consistency no matter how many times you fall away from it. What keeps Pharoah Lotto on top of his game is understanding he is unique and that it is only a matter of time before he achieves his goals of being a millionaire and his music reaching every corner of the globe. His self-awareness and confidence continue to propel him forward. Already amassing thousands of views on the preview of his next single “Big Flexer”, he plans on releasing the much-anticipated song soon! Stay connected for upcoming announcements and releases here.

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