March 11, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA) – Memphis rap star NLE Choppa recently shared some sad news about the passing of his unborn son, Seven, with his girlfriend Marissa Da’Nae. In memory of Seven, NLE Choppa expresses his emotions on his new song, “Gender Reveal.” It’s a tribute and testimony to their short but sweet journey together. Excited and protective, Choppa raps about his unborn baby, ‘If it’s a girl, get ready for the tea parties / A girl, get ready for the pink barbies / A girl, make sure that her heart is guarded / Cause a girl, sometimes can become a target / If it’s a boy, make sure you and him play catch / If it’s a boy, make sure y’all have a talk about sex / If it’s a boy, make sure he treat a women with respect / Forgive forget never regret and protect.” Listen to “Gender Reveal” on NLE Entertainment/Warner Records HERE.

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