Hip Hop Artist Ken the Messenger Releases Versatile New Project “Ghetto Gospel”

Hip Hop artist Ken the Messenger gets vulnerable in his inspirational new album “Ghetto Gospel”. “Ghetto Gospel” shares his unique life experience of being raised in the church, while navigating the turbulent streets of Englewood, Chicago. Channeling his journey into his music, Ken hopes his dynamic new works will help shine his light in the places closest to him. The versatile new project brings the gospel to the ghetto, letting listeners know that they don’t have to be perfect to either have faith or a relationship with God. And melodically, “Ghetto Gospel” has something for everyone. Lyrically, Ken shines over Hip Hop and R&B instrumentals, offering a diverse set of styles in order to deliver his message in a way that anyone can receive it.

“Where I’m from is where the gospel needs to be… Ghetto Gospel.”

Having been raised by his mom in Englewood while also being the grandson of a Bishop, Ken grew up with one foot in the rough streets of Chicago, and the other foot in the church.- this set of experiences offered him a well rounded lens through which he uses to inspire and uplift others. As shown in his promotional video here, Ken’s personality shines bright in his impressive 11 track album that releases right in time for the summer months. Today he strives to bridge the gap by allowing faith and love to meet people where they are, with music that could be played in the club, yet moving enough to be played on Sunday morning for all ages. God is present in every aspect of life, and Ken chooses to speak on it through music that you could also “turn up” to, without being boxed into any genre.

ABOUT KEN THE MESSENGER: Ken has performed over 75 shows (Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Las Vegas, and Indiana) and has opened for Tasha Page-Lockhart, The Walls Group, Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy, and Nia Allen. Ken was also nominated for a Chicago Music Award in 2021 for Best New Entertainer, and was formerly on the Chicago-based management team of Grammy Award-winner, Jonathan McReynolds.

Listen to “Ghetto Gospel” on Spotify here.

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