DJ and House Music Producer Ed Unger Releases Full Length Music Picture “Tale Of The Crying Wolf”

Miami music producer, songwriter and vocalist Ed Unger is gearing up to release a unique full length music picture on the evening of Saturday June 20th. The highly anticipated music picture entitled “Tale of The Crying Wolf” offers a compelling story about the ongoing nature of life’s battles and while often they may seem insurmountable, they’re actually a gift in disguise. A person can cry wolf but as life moves on, the wolf sheds tears of regret. Known for his uplifting tracks and remixes, the new project is pleasantly filled with positive emotions and punchy electronic melodies. Having built his career on bringing people together through a shared love of music, Ed’s hope for “Tale of The Crying Wolf” is that the journey his music takes listeners on will encourage fans to approach life with a more positive outlook.

The thirty four minute visual delivers tranquil scenes of woodlands and waterfalls as a backdrop to buoyant melodic production. We are soon introduced to the wolf and many characters who help silently narrate the album from beginning to end. Interspersed with songs that deal with personal topics, the relatability is hard to miss, knowing that now more than ever before, we need to welcome love and empathy for others into our lives. It’s not often you find a full length visual paired with an album; staying true to his brand, Ed is dedicated to going above and beyond creatively for his fans and followers.

Originally from St. Louis, MO, Ed has paved a path all his own to now, celebrating his beloved music career in the tropical capital of nightlife, Miami, Florida. With a love for teaching music and a background in ecommerce and SEO, he quickly launched the Computer Music School in order to meet increased demand for his teachings. The school’s success led him to producing his own tracks; in Atlanta, he began winning dance remix contests for tracks featuring artists like Conjure One, Sarah McLachlan, Paul Schwartz and NIN. Not soon after his time in Atlanta, a door opened in Miami where his music continues to live and thrive. Today, Ed curates a podcast as well as professional events where he DJ’s with beats, vocals and guitar. With influence ranging from house to progressive to techno, Ed has released music with everyone from Toy Robot Records, Made2Dance Records, MK837 Records, Deeplife Records and Gratitude Productions.

Ed will be hosting a watch party on Saturday June 20th with Robert Kechter. View more details at

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