Lil Flip Drops “G” EP & “Battlefield” Music Video

In the early part of the decade, Lil Flip was conquering the charts with countless hit singles. Looking to capture that same appeal, the world renounced “Freestyle King” returns to the forefront of music with the release of his new EP, simply titled, “G”.

The project is a pre-release for the forthcoming new album from the Houston legend, titled, “King Life”. “G” is a four-track EP is a fourth installment to his upcoming double album and is built up to serve up a refreshing course of reminder why he was at one point in time the reigning Underground King of the South. Along with the release of “G”, Lil Flip releases a brand new single and video, entitled, “Battlefield”. The new single is off of Flip’s previous EP, “K”. Flip premiered the new video on his Clover G TV network. Peep the new video below.

For those unfamiliar with Lil Flip, the multi-platinum recording artist is best known for his classic songs, “Game Over”, “Sunshine”, and “This is the Way We Ball”. “G” will be distributed through Flip’s Clover G Records imprint.

Listen to the new EP below, courtesy of Spotify.

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