Merciless Muzik Bridges the Musical Divide Between Millennials & Baby Boomers With the Release of DemO’s “SoulShow Media” Album

DemO’s “IF I COULD FLY” – the debut single from the upcoming album “SoulShow Media”

(Long Beach, CA. January 22, 2018) Long Beach Native, and duly dubbed King of B-Boy Soul, DemO, is back and he’s sliding into your DM’s with his latest offering of pure unadulterated soul music with the release of SoulShow Media; along with the sultry R&B new single, If I Could Fly. The third studio album release from the singer/songwriter/producer and label CEO, is giving Millennials a quick snap chat into the soul of a B-Boy with this 13-song status update on society, life, love, and relationships. Social media has become life’s virtual connector uniting friends, family and random like-minded strangers who share expressions of happiness, anger, joy, pain and every other emoji under the Sun. “SoulShow Media” in the same vein epitomizes the reality music that unites the masses on one accord – pure soul.

DemO is looking to fill a space left void by R&B soul groove icons like Marvin Gaye. The current single, Captivity emotes the same politically charged sentiments of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin On?” as DemO uses his artistry to endorse freedom from media, economic and religious group think and propaganda. DemO explains, “Marvin Gaye was an artist that the entire family listened to, just like Stevie Wonder. I want to create music that all generations from grandparents, to parents to the children can equally enjoy like those great musical icons before me.” 

Recording artist DemO, creates music for all generations to enjoy…

“SoulShow Media” showcases DemO’s distinctive sound and delivery, and is the best of B-Boy Soul, a fusion of the eight legs of Black music… Soul, R&B, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Reggae, and Gospel. Releasing “SoulShow Media” on his own Merciless Muzik imprint along with partner Teddy “Bladde” Harmon (Dionne Warwick, Gloria Estefan, Macy Gray and Fishbone) DemO plans to have his brand of B-Boy soul trending on all platforms as he continues the evolution of R&B conversation with music from the heart. As a third-generation soul singer and musician, DemO inherited his natural ability honestly. His grandfather was the legendary New Orleans bass man Ed Reddick Sr., of “The Rhythm Gents”; and his father, Eddie Reddick Jr. is most notably known as a member of the LA Boppers, the backup band for soul group Side Effect, featuring Miki Howard and produced by Augie Johnson.

DemO can also be found performing weekly as the lead vocalist in the Art of Sax live music series alongside his father Eddie Reddick and Jazz Musician Will Donato. “SoulShow Media” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and all available streaming platforms. Get connected with B-Boy soul on social media. Download, follow, like and share the revolution. Not just music… It’s a movement.

Catch up with DemO and join his social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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