Rell Jerv Returns with “Ms. Sunray”

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Derrell Jervey known as Rell Jerv is an American artist born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. Following the success of his latest single, “Cheated on Yourself”, Rell returns with the feel good new single, “Ms. Sunray”.

“Ms. Sunray” is a feel good song, that puts you in mind of an era filled with Outkast and Little Brother joints. Produced by TheMak3rs, this single def is one to rock too. Rell collaborated with Richie Alvarez organically and came out with something magical. The single, Ms. Sunray is now available on all major platforms.

Rell Jerv on the making of “Ms. Sunray”:

“Ms. Sunrey is one of my favorite records to date just because of the way it came together. I co-wrote this song with Richie and this is before we built our studio. So you had Rich, Scotti P, A.Jo and myself all in this really small room just trying to catch a vibe and when Rich did the ad lib in the beginning of the song it really set the tone. I am so grateful to him because he didn’t have to do the song but he is a person like me that only wants to make music at any cost, he was actually battling some health issues and could not even walk. So here is a guy that’s pushing himself around on a scooter, stuck in this small room with 3 other people just to make this happen and the way the song came together was so organic which is probably why it is one of my favorites.”

Listen to the new single below, courtesy of Spotify.

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