Phil Crown – “Pick Up The Phone”

Pop artist on the rise Phil Crown isn’t necessarily a new face to the music scene; currently residing in Oakland, California, he has been producing behind the scenes for many notable artists over the last few years. Now, Phil is stepping into the spotlight and releasing his debut EP next month; he just dropped the first single off the upcoming ‘Desert Son’ EP, “Pick Up The Phone.”

“Pick Up The Phone” is a dance-infused pop song that captures the struggle a girl has when she’s feeling stuck in a moment of her life, not going anywhere. Phil Crown explains the lyrics, “pick up the phone is a metaphor to tell her to start making something of herself. Like a wake up call, ‘tell me how you want it’ and I can give it to you, as soon as you’re ready to listen.”

The first track off his debut album is a release in collaboration with Machat Records in association with Hippos and Tanks.

Press play on “Pick Up The Phone” below, courtesy of SoundCloud.

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