Banks can now offer a Stimulus Checking™ Account that will deliver up to $25,000/yr to their customers.

Reliant Income Managers, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia introduces a “bank-based”
Personal Stimulus Plan called Stimulus Checking™. The process requires applicants to have full-time
employment and utilize online bill-pay at their bank. Stimulus Checking is set to deliver a fiscal
stimulus of up to $25,000/yr. to qualified households.
Debt is rising for the average household on a consistent basis, and people are looking for a solution to improve
their financial bottom line. Stimulus Checking™ is prepared to be that solution. Stimulus
Checking™ uses a concept called Cycling Your Money to help consumers benefit now on upcoming”
future pay periods; much like a cash advance, but without actually being a loan.
Your money is cycled through multiple accounts to account transfers on an algorithmic timing schedule
calculated so consumers can benefit this monthly from future extra pay periods that come throughout
the year. This gives consumers new access to $10 – $28 right now, for every $100 spent on household
bills and debt.
“Cycling Your Money” is recommended for people who are working full-time and pay their bills in a
timely manner. The average full-time employee with normal household expenses can generate an extra
$6,000-$25,000 a Year.
Getting started is easy; customers can log into a user interface, key in their net-income, and expenses
into the secure online calculator. Then take their projected results and online banking setup instructions
to their banker for account input, and go from "on-paper to real-life" with Online Bill-Pay.
Stimulus Checking™ and “Cycling your Money” was discovered by Reliant Income Managers, LLC. Reliant
Income Managers, LLC is a premier firm in Atlanta, GA with a proven track record of over 20+ years of
experience; helping people from all walks of life improve their lifestyle with Stimulus Checking™. Reliant
Income Managers does business as Bank Sync™.
BankSync™ is looking to partner with banks on making it easy for their customers to open a Stimulus
Checking™ Account. Now is the time to take advantage of a proven and tested system that gives you
insights on your financial health through proprietary calculations using Bank Sync’s™ financial technology
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