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Young Old Nigha is a mixtape by a rapper/producer named Speak from Louisville, Kentucky.

This project describes how an independent young black artist struggles with his daily life, past and what he envisions for his future. The concept is about how Speak feels as though he is a man who is very wise and deserves more but deals with the daily struggles of a young black man who comes from a subpar background.

Speak wants to pave his way into the music industry and make his earnings to live a comfortable life just like many other artist in the game. Most of the tracks are produced by Speak himself under the moniker, Speakalochivick. There are a few other producers which give the project a different vibe and rap style for the Kentucky MC.

Most of the tape is very personal but the lead single, “Choo Choo (Austin Powers)” is a cut that’s for everyone (Jiggin pt. 2 is another great ex.). Choo Choo (Austin Powers) is a song about cologne which gives off many good vibes over a groovy and jazzy instrumental. Speak shows how much he feels himself with the braggadocio bars and a catchy hook. The song, along with a few other tracks, is produced by Dumb Will (also Known as Bill $, rap alias for the mixtape features).

Want it (The Playground)” is another unique track on the project in which one half of the song is produced by Speak and the other half by Dumb will. Speak shows his versatility with how he smoothly shifts from one flow into another in the separate parts of the song.

Young Old Nigha is available for download on Apple Music, Tidal & Spotify. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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