Taura Stinson’s New Book Is Giving Black Girls A Voice

Taura Stinson 100 Things Every Black Girl Should Know

Black Girls Are Winning!

Taura Stinson 100 Things Every Black Girl Should Know

The author, Taura Stinson, goal is to empower young woman to be the best version of themselves. The representation of black girls on the cover alone is inspiring. It’s an image of all shades, shapes, and sizes. That’s important because young black girls who are different normally feel alone and like they don’t belong.

Not only is the cover important, but the content in the book is incredibly valuable, and worthy of generational passing. It’s a combination of motivational tips, guidance, and love that can help any young black girl or woman when they need a quick pick me up.

To make the book release even better, Taura will be releasing a song, “Under the Sun”, to stand as a theme song for the book very soon.
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