Glass Hamelt – Dialectics

Promising New York City recording artist Glass Hamlet is a boiling hot right now thanks to his previously released, ‘Authors Preface’. After gradually establishing a buzz-worthy fanbase, the Moscow, Russian-born wordsmith is ready to breakout into the mainstream with his new debut single, “Dialectics”.

Produced by Austin Fig, “Dialectics” shows a catchy variety of versatility, blending, and range between verses by the upriser out of Bushwick. Seconds into the song, it’s simply undeniable to not nod your head and repeat after Glass when the hook hits the beat.

Glass Hamlet had this to say about his new song.

“Dialectics is a commentary on the perverted nature of what commercial art has evolved into in recent history – the typical battle between selling out and staying true to oneself.”

“Dialectics” is the first effort off the upcoming new EP from Glass Hamlet, intriguingly-titled, ‘#NotYourArt’. Slated for a Mid-August release, ‘#NotYourArt’ is the perfect jumping-on point for any newfound fan. ‘#NotYourArt’ will be available on all streaming platforms

Hit the play below and add “Dialectic” to your playlist today.

Like “Dialectic” and in the New York-area? See Glass Hamlet perform live next month inside the Highline Ballroom. Tickets available here.

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