Ice Cube’s “Big 3” League Debut Highlights

West Coast hip-hop superstar, Ice Cube, saw the debut of his “Big 3” basketball league this past week, to great reviews. Stars such as Allen Iverson, Rashard Lewis, DeShawn Stevenson, and more shined bright under the lights at Barclay’s Center in New York, in the much anticipated debut. Due to their TV deal with FS1, the games were not streamed live, or on televised until Monday. If you don’t have FS1, you can check out highlights from the games in the recap videos below. Follow Ice Cube on Twitter.

Ghost Ballers vs 3 Headed Monsters | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS

Tri-State vs Power | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS

3’s Company vs Ball Hogs | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS

Killers 3s vs Trilogy | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS

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