Introducing: Honey B Sweet

Honey B Sweet is a recording Hip-Hop Artist, Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Designer born in Australia, operating frequently in California. With a strong love for music, and a deep connection with it from a very young age, Honey B Sweet is primed to take the entertainment world by storm. “Whenever a song came on I felt like i was inside the music, I got visions and always felt that It was where I was meant to be.”, says Honey B. Her musical inspirations include Tupac, Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony, Lauryn Hill, Snoop Dogg and Destiny’s Child.
“I have been writing poetry since the age of 8. At first it was about horses and other kinds of animals, but as I got older it elevated into subjects of love, life and relationships. Eventually poetry turned into songs, and messing around on my computer turned into recording demo’s.”
As a female in one of the hardest industries to break into, Honey B Sweet has learned many a lesson, including ‘Industry Rule #4080″. Combining talent, alongside a savvy business mind, Honey B Sweet’s ceiling appraises extremely high. In late May 2017, she leaked a song that was inspired by the late Tupac Shakur titled “Unconditional Love” (Honey-Mix), while paying homage to arguably the greatest emcee of all-time, and receiving excellent feedback. Versatile; methodical with a wild side, Honey B Sweet will be releasing her new EP project via DubCNN Ent./EMPIRE, July, 2017. Stay tuned for updates. Check a track from Honey B Sweet below. Follow on Twitter. Only on One West Magazine.

Download ‘Honey B Sweet – Black Roses’ Here

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