R-Mean Drops “Overtime” ft. Lyric Jones and Breana Marin

R-Mean Drops OVERTIME Feat. Lyric Jones and Breana Marin

The Armenian American Sets The Record Straight On His Position In The Industry

R-Mean continues to drop new music weekly for his 19th edition Mean Mondays series. In this weeks release R-Mean creates an incredible vibe with a track produced by DREAMLIFE, a verse from fellow DoomsDay cypher alumni, female emcee Lyric Jones and an incredible hook from Breana Marin singing “24-7 I’ve been workin over time, ain’t got that much to show for it, still had to sell my soul for it, just to get by.”

R-Mean has proven his lyrical prowess time and time again, not letting up on his promise to the culture. After destroying the competition on Sway’s Doomsday Cypher R-Mean made a commitment that many think won’t stand the test of time. Releasing a brand new record each week for 52 weeks isn’t easy for any artist. R-Mean plans to complete this 52 week run with thought provoking lyrics: “You was up all night fighting and stressing, I was up all night counting my blessings my mind state and resilience is what the difference is, see I’m just tryin to leave somethin of eternal significance.”

Overtime grabs the essence of the hard working individual in the entertainment industry that puts in work everyday for years upon years, and at times not feeling like they have anything to show for it. Vibe out to the record above. Put it on repeat. It will get you right there!

Get Caught Up Below:

R-Mean 5 Finger of Death ‘SWAY’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGP9ABioogA

R-Mean On The Dooms Day Cypher at 25:11: http://swaysuniverse.com/hyeeenas-only-doomsday-cypher/

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