L.A. Hoops Legend, Schea “Manchild” Cotton Documentary – (Official Trailer)

Manchild is a documentary about a Los Angeles basketball legend by the name of Schea Cotton. There have been many stories told about Schea, and all of the ones about what he did on the court are true. This time though, Schea and the people closest to him tell the story about what REALLY happened. A star-studded documentary featuring celebrity commentary on Schea Cotton, from the like of Baron Davis, Tyson Chandler, Elton Brand, Paul Pierce, Randy Moss and more! of Schea Cotton on the basketball scene. There is no such thing as a “lock” for the NBA, because if that were the case Schea Cotton would be there, no doubt. Watch the trailer, and stay tuned for release date. STAY TUNED FOR EXCLUSIVE ONE WEST MAGAZINE INTERVIEW WITH SCHEA COTTON. Follow Schea Cotton on Twitter. Follow Schea Cotton on Instagram. Only on One West Magazine.

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