V8 – Pasadena State of Mind 2 (Wrongkind Records)

Today we shed light on rising West Coast hip-hop artist, and Wrongkind Records emcee, V8.

V8 is a budding hip-hop artist from Pasadena, CA, whose aggressive style has captivated the interests of many over the last few years. As a youngster, V8 found his passion for music at age five, after hearing his father constantly play Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” album. Life would take a sudden turn for V8 when, at age 15, he was introduced to the heart of Pasadena’s wicked streets, and inevitably became vacuumed into the gang life. Within months of his initiation, he was nearly killed after being stabbed five times with a screwdriver. At age 19, he made his first popular song, produced by himself, titled “Ride Out”, which would be the first time he grabbed his city’s attention. Exactly two months later, V8 fell victim to the California State Prison system when he was convicted of attempted murder. Throughout his stay at Centinella’s Level 4 yard, he wrote more music and began strategizing how he could put Pasadena on the map. Upon his release, V8 got straight to work and released his first mixtape, “Pasadena Star News”, which was followed up with “Product of Tha Projeckz” in 2011. In October of 2012, V8 met with San Diego’s Mitchy Slick, who then granted him a spot on his forthcoming album, “Won’t Stop”, on the street single “U In”. From that day on, he found his home with Tha Wrongkind, and subsequently released his first official Wrongkind-backed project titled “Product of Tha Projeckz 2”, which featured labelmates Ise B, Meatface, his own young Pasadena artist Young Fidge and more. In 2014, V8 spent weeks traveling the West Coast with Mitchy Slick and the Wrongkind camp for the Call of Duty Tour. V8 then returned home and woke the streets up with his smash single “Talk My Shit” which featured Young Pasadena’s Bullet, and served as the first single off of “Pasadena State of Mind”. 2015 saw the release of his debut album, “Under the Influence”. Wanting to show his versatility as an artist, V8 dropped an R&B-inspired EP, “White Wine & Red Roses”, in February 2016.

Until recent months V8 had been locked in the studio creating and calculating his next offering, “Pasadena State of Mind 2” — a project he’s really proud of and excited about. This body of work is 20 tracks deep and showcases an array of artists from the City of Roses, in addition to his Wrongkind comrade, Half Ounce.

Whether you’re looking to turn the function up a notch, go on a mission, get to the money, or just chill with bae on a late night, V8 brings an assortment of content that’ll compliment any mood or setting. Follow V8 on Twitter. Download “Pasadena State of Mind 2”, and stream tracks on the V8 SoundCloud page below. Only on One West Magazine.

DOWNLOAD “V8 – Pasadena State of Mind 2” HERE

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