Introducing: Pdweestraw

Pdweestraw is an African singer, songwriter, producer, and recording artist from Chicago, IL. His work includes a broad array of various standpoints, lifestyles, levels of imagination, intelligence and opinion. With styles such as R&B, Pop, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Rap, it’s difficult to specifically categorize him as an artist. Making his debut to VEVO with “Or Nah” in mid September of 2016, he followed up with an additional three releases, “Rules”, “MFKA” and In My Way” that same month.

Some of Pdweestraw’s main influences include artists 2 Chainz, Drake, & Jay Z. Jay Z owned and controlled his music early in his career. This gave him a superior advantage in the industry. Pdweestraw used this as an influence in his career and followed suit, owning everything except a distribution fee. Drake is a prominent influence in his work because of his dual singer/rapper combination, as well as his career path and strategy to use his acting as a bridge into the music scene. 2 Chainz has always been a key motivator and inspiration for Weestraw. He is one of few the celebrities who really gives back to his community.

Pdweestraw’s work features a catalogue of various releases encompassing many genres, moods and styles. “Fade Away” released May 2016 displays lyricism, a new energetic sound, current hip hop culture and colorful vibes. “Rules” (June 2016) is a hard hitting anthem, detailing the do’s and don’ts of the street life. The moral of the story is there are rules. “Pull up on Ya”, born in July 2016, displays melodic punchlines and a hard hitting bass line, capturing the picture of the dangerous lifestyle of a drug dealer in Chicago. “Right Hand to God” (July 2016) holds a deeper purpose. This song was made to expose the deception of religion manufactured by the elite of mankind and accepted by the majority. “MFKA” (July 2016), an abbreviation, is a clever party song bringing high energy, a crafty style, and confidence all at a moderate pace. “Check” released Aug 2016 brings vibrant energy, excitement, flavor, and originality. This song uniquely utilizes many various ways of using the word “check”.

“Bag of Chips” (Sep 2016) carries relaxing feelings of cool breezes and sunshine, vibes of love and endearment, and also paints the picture of a natural love from childhood to adulthood that found its way back to where it started from. “On The Scale” (Dec 2016), a classic street tale, enhances the awareness of shiesty drug transactions, and shows the significance of measurement. “Out My Body” (Dec 2016) is an unorthodox Broadway styled song with a message to exploit the negative effects of drugs. “Run Thru” (Jan 2017) has a positive intention and overall message to convey the importance of a healthy relationship with financial goals, aspirations and teamwork. “Pop Ya”, (Jan 2017) is a fast paced, highly energetic song and is inspired by the right to bear and keep arms. “Futuristic”, (Jan 2017) really lives up to its name. From watching television on shoes, to pressing “save as” if you’re not finished with your food, this stimulates the imagination on a whole other level. “My First” (2017) uses nostalgia to take you back to the first times you’ve done certain things. With a catchy flow and bouncy beat, it’s sure to get stuck in your head. Expected sometime in 2017, “Pop It Shake It” is full of life and surprises! Bringing back the 90s vibe with a 2000s style, this is, hands down, new era music!

Pdweestraw has very versatile work ranging from R&B, Pop, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Conscious Rap. Different subjects such as life, religion, levels of education, and financial responsibility coupled with seemingly unsimilar ones including dancing, partying, firearms, and drug dealers makes it difficult to categorize him as an artist as well as difficult not to find some of his work enjoyable.

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