Introducing: Raymond Alan

Hip-hop artist Raymond Alan is a rapper/producer hailing from South Central Los Angeles, California, while also repping the Inland Empire. Raymond Alan is a one-man army who raps, sings, writes, and engineers his own music. The artist formally known as ‘Chomperz’ grew up in a neighborhood near Baldwin Hills, Ca. known as ‘The Jungles’. He saw his big brothers gangbangin’ at a young age, and was majorly influenced by that dynamic, and the L.A. mentality in general. “You either bang or ball”, says Raymond.

“I used to go to L.A. on the train once we moved out of the city; every weekend to my grandfathers house. He lived in the Hoovers on 57th. I would go to L.A. and ‘The Jungles’ to hang out, then take the bus back home until I got old enough to drive and commute myself.” – Raymond Alan

Raymond Alan grew up a troubled kid; getting into fights, in and out of trouble, and eventually affiliating himself with the ‘ BPS Bloods’. He started going to jail in his early teens, and the last time he realized that the life he was living was not for him. He said to himself “I would never go back”.

“My mom told me when music would come on, I would start dancing in my baby crib. She knew I would do music. I always loved Michael Jackson’s music. As I grew older, my grandmother saw my interest in music and put me in a guitar class when i was in the 6th grade, and I learned alot as I continued to play.”, says Raymond Alan.

When Raymond was the age of 14, his grandmother passed away. This was a life changing experience for him, and proved to be alot to deal with. After playing football with minimal interest, music became his outlet. When he was 15 years old he started producing beats and rapping. He started going to the studio with childhood friends (‘The Paperboy Mob’), and they became a big influence to his music. Watching his brother KP, and rapper Hazion
making beats with Fruity Loops captivated his mind. His mother bought him a computer, and he started making beats himself. He has worked with artists from YG 400’s record label, to Audio Push; and has written music featured on the ‘Honey’ soundtrack. He is currently working on 3 projects, with a single dropping, titled “Finesse”, off his upcoming LP titled “The Raymond Alan Experience Vol.2”. Vol. 1 was voted one of the best indie projects in 2012.

The single, “Finesse” is a motivational, high-energy type of song which aims to express how to persevere no matter what the situation may be. Stay tuned for more on Raymond Alan. Download the album below. Only on One West Magazine.


Instagram: Raymond_alan
Twitter : _chomperz

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