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J Reu

J Reu is a mogul in the making who has been making national headlines as a emerging artist based in Atlanta, GA. He has truly impressed me and many others with his amazing energy for the culture. I remember the first time I watched him perform and I thought to myself how he reminded me of Tupac with his unique stage presence. J Reu is a hard working artist who deserves to achieve the heights of success. He has been on his grind for many years and he has always left a lasting impression on his fans. He is successfully building an international movement through his dedication to staying authentic and letting the world know he is destined for greatness. J Reu can hold his weight lyrically against anyone, and he is not one to be overlooked. I would give him a  5  out of 5 stars for his lyrical prowess. He is a mix between Tupac’s poetic wordplay, Big L’s witty rhythmic flow patterns, and a touch of Slick Rick’s story telling. He is a major deal on indie scene in Atlanta with raving fans who are waiting for new music to be released. J Reu has worked his way up in the ranks to be one of the next artists to look out for. I am amazed at how much he has grown over the years. I am giving him the official King Armah co-sign. I am well aware of what this young brother brings to the table, and how God has been tremendously blessing him. Keep your eyes on this artist because I am telling you his career is about to skyrocket out of the stratosphere. We had the chance to catch up and I am able to share with you readers the powerful conversation we had. Check it out below.

King Armah – What inspired you to become an artist?

J Reu – I am inspired mainly by Ludacris who is a great lyricist. Slick Rick who is a great storyteller and my mother who has been a poet since my younger years.

King Armah – What is your vision for pushing forward the Hip Hop culture?

J Reu – Making quality music, creating legendary moments and conforming but not being defined by the new trends.

King Armah – Where are you originally from, and how has it impacted your career?

J Reu – Originally from New Orleans and it has impacted my musical career because that is where a large majority of the southern hip hop music was birthed.

King Armah – What is your take on the police brutality against African Americans and how can it be solved?

J Reu -We need people in place in our communities who actually care about the community that they are policing. We need more education as citizens on “what to do” and”what not to do” when approached by police.

King Armah – How are you going to move the needle on popular culture?

J Reu – By adapting to the change in the sound of music while staying true to the hip hop roots.

King Armah – Why is it important to pay attention to what is going on in society in your opinion?

J Reu – It is important to keep up with society because the world is always changing from day today and knowledge is power. It’s ok to speak about money, cars, clothes and women in music but it is more challenging to incorporate what is currently going on in the world today by including current topics within the music to push our culture forward.

King Armah – Can you tell us the history behind your music label Fxck Fame Music Group?

J Reu – At first I wanted to do music to become rich and famous. As I studied hip hop I realized that it was just not about money or fame. After researching we’re a culture that others look up to in music. We have some of the greatest artist within the industry. We should be doing it for the love of the culture. Several people told me the quickest way to get rich and famous was to make a dance song. This was in 2007 and at that point I was so deep into music from artist, such as, Nas, Talib Kwali, Mos Def and the Roots that the dance music was not an option. Now people are in the business to get rich and famous and not necessarily for the growth of our culture. This is how Fxck Fame Music Group was originally cultivated. We’re not in it for the fame but the music. If we are doing it for the culture and become famous and rich that is cool but that is not the overall goal.

King Armah – What is your motivation moving forward in Hip Hop?

J Reu – My motivation is to get back to the original hip hop sound. I realize hip hop is changing And I feel that it is lowering the integrity of a culture that I once fell in love with. My goal is to be amongst the few current hip hop artists who stay true to bring it back. In one of my songs “Love Hip Hop” I state “***s started off hating the south, now that’s all that I’m hearing. I’m not hating cause I’m from the south, but I’m a fiend for better lyrics.”

King Armah – When is you next project dropping, and what is it about?

J Reu – First quarter of 2017 I’m looking to debut my first album. The album will consist of lyrically telling stories of love, to fake friends, to getting money, to issues with religion and a few surprises here and there. I wanted to give some truths to my background and invite fans to know me on a personal level through my music while introducing them to a new sound.

King Armah – Any last words for the fans, how can people get in touch with you?

J Reu – Thank you for always supporting me and my music. This is a lifelong dream that you are a part of so as I continue to make history I would like to thank my fans for making history with me. I hope I never disappoint you guys. You can follow me on all social media platforms at @IAMJREU via Twitter, IG, Facebook and Snapchat. You can email me at [email protected]

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