INTRODUCING CANNABIS CLUB ATL: Atlanta’s New World Super Group (Part 1)

What happens when, a Palestinian by-way of Sydney, Australia, female vocalist meets 3 rappers from Georgia?  Cannabis Club ATL, the birth of a new sound movement and business model for the music industry to scratch their heads over…  In this series, One West Magazine will take you through Cannabis Club ATL’s musical resurrection, evolution, and future domination. But first meet the members of the group The Legendary Fruitman, Manal, N.I.L.E., and Trapacana…  CANNABIS CLUB ATL

There are times in the music industry that a rare breed of artisan performers come along and you know, when you hear their music for the first time, you know it’s something special, unique – exceptional…  Cannabis Club ATL is that extraordinary blend of American culture mixed with a splash of Middle-Eastern influence creating a distinctive new group and sound for urban air-waves.  Forming together in the city of Decatur, GA, the east metro-area of Atlanta; this elite super group is comprised of four talented artists from different worlds.  Each add their own personal vibe to the group’s stylized Hip Hop sound.  The group’s manifestation came about through Atlanta’s nightlife music scene by, Columbus, GA native and first member The Legendary FRUITMANAs the label’s visionary, he is the hit-making creative force as executive producer, writer, and arranger, at Money Tree Entertainment.  In addition to handling A&R, he is the master-mind at the helm of the edgy, yet polished, Money Tree high quality sound emanating from studio productions for all of the label’s roster and exclusive brands, Fruitman is Money Tree’s CEO who planned and executed the unique artistry of Cannabis Club ATL singles and musical collaborations.  He is credited in building Atlanta’s millennial underground movement and paving the way for a successful independent label to compete.  TRAPACANA, born in Frankfurt, Germany raised in Colombus, GA., began his love and appreciation for music listening to his parent’s (who were music aficionados) Blues, R&B and Pop albums.  His musical influences were James Brown, Michael Jackson, Donnie Hathaway and Marvin Gaye.   He started recording and performing as a teenager in the South Eastern area.  As his music and stage presence developed, he started writing lyrics, hooks and arranging tracks for other artists that were also part, of the regional underground circuit.  Trapacana sees himself as having an impact in the music industry and Money Tree Entertainment by keeping his ears in the streets; looking for ways to incorporate today’s new sounds, into his recordings.

Like an uncommon force of nature, that moves the Nile River south to north from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea so drives the strength, of group member N.I.L.E He describes his bountiful beats as an energetic, spirited river that flows throughout a song.  Also a Colombus, GA resident, his music mentors came from his grandfather’s R&B album collections.  As a 9-year-old, N.I.L.E. took to the stage performing cover songs by Crucial Conflict, Bone, Thugs-n-Harmony and Do or Die, at the East Colombus Boys Club talent shows.  He credits group UGK “Ridin’ Dirty” as the defining album that changed his life.  It is where his transition from teen to young adult to up and coming recording artist were seeded.  He would write songs that expressed his pain or feelings he harbored inside during that time, in his life. This evolution has brought his technical skills into the group as a seasoned rapper, slayer-of-beats, and music arranger.  Cannabis Clubs ATL’s final added member and only female of the group is the mysteriously-glamorous MANAL.  Although born and raised in Sydney, Australian, she defines herself as “A Palestinian by way of Australia” – never wanting to forget the historical struggles that her people have endured.  Manal carries her own brand of woman empowerment among the three guys in Cannabis Club by adding her haunting vocals to the mix.  At the age of 4, she learned how to speak English by singing-along to Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon” around the house.  By age 14, she started developing herself as a lyricist by writing songs in both Arabic and English.  She sharpened her abilities as a performer in front of live audiences at Sydney’s Arab festivals and weddings where she would sing traditional Arab songs for the adults and Top 40 Pop hits for the youth, in attendance. The Arabic youth community would prove itself to becoming a strong base for Manal’s indie showcases and concerts.  Enough so, that she was able to craft her own style of music to record with her band.   During that point in her life, she and her band produced 15 hit Arabic singles and albums that charted on radio stations in Australian.   The rigorous demands of performing and touring took her to London, Toronto, Canada and then onto the U.S., Atlanta, where she met The Legendary Fruitman through a sound engineer.  Her Aussie accent is pleasantly melodious while she passionately describes what she brings to Cannabis Club ATL.  Inspired by a wide-range of musical genres from Rock, Heavy Metal to her all time ultimate love of the Soul greats, Manal has created an organic balance of R&B and rap vocal styles coupled with her elegant Middle-Eastern quarter-tone laments.  When you put the members of Cannabis Club ATL together in studio and on stage something genuine and authentic occurs.  This group is coming from a good place.  You want to be part of their worldly sound movement. You want to witness their journey to perhaps going down as one of the greatest of all time.  Isn’t that how you felt when hearing your favorite artists for the first time?

Stay tuned into One West Magazine’s coverage on Cannabis Club ATL:  Atlanta’s New Super Group (Part 2).  Part 2 of this series, will get into the evolution of the Cannabis Club Atl music movement and how this indie group is truly free of the music industry trappings and confines.

Cannabis Club ATL is available on MONEY TREE ENTERTAINMENT and is distributed by Empire Distribution.

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