Troy Ramey’s “Pick Up Truck” Is A Vibe

Troy Ramey is back, and this time he’s bringing the open road vibes with his latest single, “Pick Up Truck.” What started as a tongue-in-cheek nod to country clichés has turned into one of Ramey’s all-time favorite jams, and it’s easy to see why. Co-written with his buddy Johnny Gates, the song captures the essence of summer drives and the joy of cranking up your favorite tunes.

Flashback to 2017: Johnny, in a moment of musical matchmaking genius, nudges Troy towards writing a country song. Troy jokingly muses, “It’s gotta be about a truck, whiskey, beer, a girl, or all the above.” Fast forward a bit, and while strumming his guitar, the catchy line “when you hear my song, turn it up, sounds better in a pickup truck” pops into his head. Bam! The joke morphs into a bona fide anthem.

Ramey’s creative ritual is as cool as it gets—driving around with his music blasting. It’s his secret sauce for brainstorming and refining his work. “It helps me think, gets me excited, or helps me identify things I want to change,” he says. This road trip inspiration shines through in “Pick Up Truck,” hitting home for anyone who finds freedom and creativity behind the wheel.

Troy’s journey to this point has been anything but typical. He grew up surrounded by music, initially chasing athletic dreams before turning to music as a healing balm after his father’s tragic passing. His sound is a unique blend of raw honesty and emotional power, crafted through years of self-discovery, performing, and writing.

With over 25 million streams on Spotify and a viral hit with “Woman” (a song for his wife that’s become a favorite among newlyweds), Ramey’s music has struck a chord with listeners far and wide. His debut LP “All I Had” has been dropping singles since fall 2023, building serious buzz for its full release in fall 2024.

Oh, and did we mention his time on Season 12 of NBC’s The Voice? Yeah, he was a Top 12 finalist, wowing judges like Alicia Keys and even bringing Celine Dion to tears. No big deal.

“Pick Up Truck” is a perfect showcase of Troy Ramey’s knack for turning a simple idea into a song that feels like an instant classic. As he keeps blazing his own trail in the music world, Ramey reminds us all that the best tunes are the ones that come straight from the heart. So, next time you’re on the road, do yourself a favor—turn up Troy’s latest and let it ride.

Listen to “Pick Up Truck” on Spotify here.

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