Serato Spotlights Fast-Rising Jersey Club DJ & Producer UNIIQU3 in Latest “Hometown Sounds” Episode

Serato dropped the latest episode of “Hometown Sounds,” featuring fast-rising DJ, producer and New Jersey native UNIIQU3. Each episode of the original series follows esteemed producers as they reinvent the sounds of their hometown cities, fueled by Serato’s plugin Sample 2.0.

The newest installment with UNIIQU3 highlights the vibrant Jersey Club scene as she reimagines the sounds of her hometown, transforming fellow Newark artist Rah Digga’s popular club hit “Party & Bullshit 2003” utilizing Serato’s revolutionary stem-separation technology.

With its fast-paced beats and hyper-energetic bass, Jersey Club is an underground party scene that has exploded into a global phenomenon. Heavily influenced by sampling, the genre flips familiar sounds into pulsating dance floor anthems. Dubbed the “Jersey Club Queen,” UNIIQU3 is best known for her infectious beats and clever use of samples. She continues to catapult the genre into the mainstream, having recently wrapped a nationwide tour with Tinashe and opening for Beyoncé’s monumental Renaissance World Tour last year.

“Hometown Sounds” follows UNIIQU3’s inspiring musical evolution, from her childhood training as a classical ballet dancer at Garden State Ballet School to establishing herself as a seminal figure in the Jersey Club movement. The episode also includes cameos from prominent leaders in the scene, including New Jersey legends Rah Digga and Just Blaze, pioneering Jersey Club artist DJ Tameil from the Brick Bandits crew, DJ Taj, DJ Jayhood, and more. Guided by UNIIQU3 and her influential friends, the music documentary paints a vivid picture of the New Jersey-born genre that she lovingly calls “the pulse of the city.”

Using Sample 2.0, UNIIQU3 reveals her creative process as she transforms Rah Digga’s “Party & Bullshit 2003” into an unmistakable Jersey Club beat. These tracks are best known for their “booming bass, catchy vocals and contagious energy,” says UNIIQU3. Equipped with Serato’s Stems technology, she expertly manipulates the track by isolating stems and implementing Jersey Club samples with its infamous beat pattern while showcasing the game changing power of Sample.

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