Barritz: The Man Who Wears Many Hats

Barritz is not typical in any sense of the word… not as a musical artist, not as record label owner, not as a businessman, not at all. While he may be different from his fellow creatives in his own ways, one motif that transcends these different facets of Barritz is professionalism.

Music independence is a tough and lonely road at times but Barritz doesn’t adhere to that notion and won’t allow you to either. “Although each of us have our own style, work ethic and vision when it comes to music, one thing we all share in common is our love for this creative process,” says Barritz, “we want to materialize the ideas in our minds and bring them to your ears. It sounds simple but is quite the opposite. What makes it easier though is working together, with purpose, and with respect for all who touch the project.”

Barritz knows from experience how much work goes into making music; from writing a song, to working with producers to find the sound that matches it, to doing visuals for the project, to publishing your work, to promoting yourself, to scouting venues for shows, and ultimately putting on a live event. The creative parts of a musical project are usually the most fun and exhilarating. What follows is lots of time and research, loads of more money, and plenty of chances for headaches and setbacks. While working on his debut album The Cadillac Man, Barritz put all of those hats on and swapped them for one another when needed. He does that same hat dance with anyone he works with. Consider him a great asset, or assets, depending on what he is helping you with.

Raised in suburbia by working parents who gave him the tools he needed to navigate the system of life, Barritz grew up educated, modest and rather square before assimilating to the culture that raised him outside of his family home, hip-hop. Studying and receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business aided him in navigating some of the more daunting aspects of the music industry. Participating in the culture allowed him to relate to the different characteristics of it. Being a fan of it gave him the knowledge to respect its unique storytellers and trailblazers.

Barritz started working on promotions for Sean Kennedy and Ill Trendz Productions in the Bay Area music scene for artists such as 11/5 and Mr. Ill, and brought these artists and others to Kevvy Kev’s show “The Danger Zone” on Wild 107.7. His boss at his day job told Barritz her boyfriend was starting a record label so he began doing promotions for them as well. He also started recording music with the label.

Barritz recorded his first track “High Roller” in an East Palo Alto garage studio with ProHoeZak engineering the session. He dropped his verse on the first take and although the production crew was impressed, the other artists didn’t see it that way as they were having issues recording their vocals without punching in. Ever since the beginning Barritz was a consummate professional, one drop, one take, verse done. “I wrote my lyrics, memorized my lyrics and went in there and dropped them. I figured that’s what you were supposed to do,” Barritz shares after thinking back to the session.

Unsurprisingly after their reaction, that was the end of Barritz’ tenure as an artist at that label. He didn’t take it personally and continued to do promotions for the company. As time passed by and the label didn’t release any projects Barritz moved on, continued to attend college, and learned as much about the music business as he could. He majored in Business Marketing and started to gain a passion for product branding and professional presentation. He later followed up his bachelor’s degree with an MBA in Business Management.

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