Multi-Instrumentalist Garrett P. Tyler Offers a Fresh Take on R&B in New Single “Lady”

Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist Garrett P. Tyler is ready to greet the changing of seasons with the smooth sounds of his upcoming hit “Lady”. Combining pop production, hypnotic drum beats and organic R&B melodies, he creates a sound both fresh and familiar. Seamlessly capturing the vibe of what is sure to be a classic love song, “Lady” is the pursuit of love – it is the dedication to taking a daydream and turning it into a reality. His lyrics paint vivid images of the two lovers in his car, enjoying their chemistry while in pursuit of something real and tangible. Tyler takes the rhythm and blues we know and love and modernizes its sound in a way that hasn’t been captured before. His versatility shines as we’re invited into a meaningful soundscape to serve as the perfect backdrop to his romantic tale.

“I’m thinkin maybe, You’d be my lady / Not just my daydream (echo), Don’t want nothin but you” ~ Lady

Believing that individuality is most fully realized through collaboration and community, Garrett hopes his music will help people to understand themselves and others more deeply. An established artist, drummer, musical director, producer, multi-instrumentalist and educator, Tyler has risen to the world stage with countless international performances and clinics throughout the United States, Central America, Asia, the UK and Europe. In addition to his solo works, Garrett also plays for Judah and the Lion, for King & Country, Local Sound, Pink Laundry, Jagwar Twin and Christy Nockels. His touring/recording history includes artists such as R.LUM.R, Casting Crowns, Fleurie, J. Human, Josh Wilson, Finding Favour and more. He has appeared on shows like the Late Night with Seth Meyers and has shared the stage, opening for artists such as The 1975, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Sam Hunt and Blake Shelton. A true force to be reckoned with, Garret P. Tyler’s talents continue to shine in his solo efforts and “Lady” truly sets the bar.

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