10x NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony Talks Joining The Lakers, Overcoming Adversity, and His Debut Memoir ‘Where Tomorrow’s Aren’t Promised’ On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Carmelo Anthony

Making his first late-night appearance following the release of his highly anticipated memoir, 10x NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony sat with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show last night to discuss overcoming adversity, joining Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers and his debut book, Where Tomorrow is Nothing Promised: A Memoir of Survival and Hope which comes a raw and inspirational memoir about Anthony coming of age while growing up in the housing projects of Red Hook and Baltimore.

” I just knew what I was up against. I knew the odds that we was all up against growing up in that. It’s a number game. You’re 1 of x amount of player’s who have a chance to make it to the NBA out of thousands of players and millions of basketball players in the world said Anthony. ” You’re one of them, so to fathom that’s impossible and definitely they not coming to the Wire to come get one of us.”

“Hence the why name is where, Where Tomorrow’s Aren’t Promised” that has a wide range of meaning. That’s a prime example right there. I’ve always felt like I had to do extra, and do more than the next person. I always felt like I had to not be louder but I had to show people a lot more of what I can do. My talent and my skills and you know just being me. I was battling that for a long time because I didn’t know who I was as a person. When you are dealing with those type of issues and that mentality it can mess you up. I’m in a competitive sport as it is anyways. I don’t wanna be competitive in every aspect of my life. I want to come home, I wanna relax, I want to turn the TV on, listen to music sit down listen to music drink some wine and I don’t wanna be competitive  all day, everyday. That’s what it does to you, man. It just makes you competitive because when you feel like your back is against the wall and people always doubting you..I don’t want to live my life like that.”

The Daily Show has welcomed a diverse range of influential and underrepresented voices to explore some of the most critical issues facing society including key sports leaders and activists – Anquan BoldinDoc Rivers & Steve BallmerCandace ParkerLeonard FournetteRussell WestbrookChristian PulisicChris BoshKevin GarnettMalcolm Jenkins, Steph CurryBubba WallaceKevin LoveMatt RyanMegan RapinoeChris Paul, Lindsey Vonn and Mark Cuban.

You can purchase Carmelo Anthony’s new book, Where Tomorrow’s Aren’t Promised: A Memoir of Survival and Hope”  here.

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