OGPD Excites Fans With New Music! Out Now!

Get excited because OGPD has released some new music for you to listen to! With already one mixtape available for you to check out, it’s certain this fly Caribbean New Yorker from the Bronx knows what he’s doing. “I’ve been soaking up the game for a couple of years I’ve really been behinds the scenes but now I’m doing my thing in front of the camera,” he says.  

Deriving inspiration from his father, who was a DJ during the mid-’90s, music is within the family, “I would say at a young age I’ve always been I tuned with music and sounds. I also always took a liking to how music was made and the instrumentation,” says the artist. No matter the age, OGPD believes his music is for any audience if you enjoy good vibes, “It would motivate all people to not only to dance and feel good but to also go out and get it,” he quotes. Learning from other great talents in the music industry, this artist believes there’s a lot you can learn from real businessmen who have paved the way for many great artists such as himself.

With both long- and short-term goals, OGPD is not only encouraging others to get their hustle on but is taking his own advice. “My long-term goals are to make 1050  worldwide and to be a mogul,” says the artist, “I want to be at the part of my career  

where I’m world-renowned and influencing people to get up and get it.” OGPD is taking advantage of every opportunity being thrown at him, eager to get his hands on all that is to offer. “Anything is possible,” he says, “Stay true to yourself don’t  change for nobody.” 

OGPD’s new mixtape is out now and you can hear more from him now by using the credentials below!  

Instagram: _ogpd_

YouTube: OGPD


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