Semaj The Poet Gets Real On “Saturday”

Bay Area based musician Semaj The Poet has released a plethora of different vibes since his initial appearance to all major streaming platforms back in 2010. The artists’ library of music contains vibes after vibes.

While Semaj The Poet has yet to release any new material in 2021, the artist did release some tracks deserve another listen. “Saturday” is a perfect track for an extra listen. The song features a melodic based instrumental, hard hitting drums, and an enticing melody. Semaj takes the track deeper with his honest lyrics about how his relationships have gone in the past. Singing about how sometimes toxic love can be enticing and can hard to move away from.

Semaj The Poet had amassed hundreds of thousands of streams across multiple platforms despite his short absence from releasing music. His song “Here Comes the Boom” is nearing 300,000 streams alone on Spotify, inching closer to the half million stream mark.

To stay up to date on when Semaj The Poet will release new music, refer to the links below:

Listen to “Saturday” here

Visit Semaj on Instagram here for updates.

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