Louie DE3 to Release New Music this Summer

Hip Hop artist Louie DE3 has used his time during quarantine to focus on new flows and different approaches to his music. Really honing in on who his audience is has made it easier to make more creative choices and now that things are opening back up, Louie is hungrier than ever to get out there and perform. He’s spent the last year listening to a lot of new music including Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Lil Tjay, etc. Inspired by everyone from Ne-Yo to Michael Jackson, he maintains a well-rounded musical taste that has helped him to step up his pen game.

Shooting his very first music video to his track “Down Bad” proved to be one of his proudest accomplishments – finally getting the chance to add a visual to his sound gave his fans a chance to truly get to know him and the story behind his music. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; Louie’s older brother taught him how to hone in on his natural talents. Rapping and singing at home is one thing, but getting behind that mic is a whole different ball game. His brother showed him how to perfect his craft in the booth, working on his transitioning, punch-ins, and adding that overall “umph” that every track needs. Louie will be applying his lyrical skills to a flood of songs and visuals coming through for the summer. Switching it up with every song, Louie DE3 maintains versatility while still having fun doing his thing both in front of and behind the mic.

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And watch the official video for “Down Bad” on YouTube here.

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