A Q&A with Boxer Christopher Lovejoy

1) What originally inspired you to get into boxing? And how old were you?

I was 32 years old, and I saw the skill level of the heavyweights wasn’t up to par, so I went for it.

 2) Where are you from? And how did your upbringing affect the person you are today?

I’m from south central Los Angeles, it made it tough and gave me a relentless attitude to keep going.

3) How often do you train? And do you maintain a special diet to stay in shape?

I train all year round, and I no I don’t sort because as a heavyweight there is no weight limit.

4) What is one of your proudest career accomplishments?

As of today I am proud to have for for a world title, first to do it with no manager,  no promoter, and no amateur fights.

5) If you could box any professional boxer, who would it be and why?

It would fight Anthony Joshua, because he’s the top dog, he would give the biggest payday and he has all 3 major titles.

6) What is one piece of advice you got during your journey that stuck with you?

That all these boxing people just be talking, only believe what is at hand.

7) What’s next for you? Any big plans this year?

I’ll be back in the ring in July this year, so I’m in camp, getting ready.

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