Lionel B Talks New Reality Show And Working With West Coast Legends

Celebrity YouTuber/Rapper Lionel Barnes professionally known as Lionel B is once again making big moves in the entertainment industry. If you thought he was just a viral YouTuber with over 89 millions views that runs his mouth, you’re wrong. He definitely made his name in the music business industry and a lot of hits along the way as well. His single Shawty Go Low is currently in heavy rotation all throughout the world, and Racks On Ya Head was added to the coveted RapCaviar playlist on Spotify, catapulting his monthly listeners by an additional thousand in just a couple of days.

Lionel B was the first person on YouTube to break the tragic news that Nipsey Hussle lost his life back in 2019, with his video amassing over 1 million views in just 8 hours. His most viral video is close to 8 million views, making him the top celebrity blogger with the most popular video on the platform. On the music side, Lionel B has an upcoming release entitled Let Me Ride and it features E.D.I. Mean from the Outlawz. A smooth low riding track, and an ode to the West Coast, the song has all the elements of the perfect California recipe. From the cadence, music production, and lead synths, it’s sure to have a lot of people dancing and throwing up their sets to the melodic backdrop produced by Zadj Beats.

The viral star recently linked up with top Hollywood producers from the show American Horror Story, Project Runway, and Moro Trend to develop a brand new reality show that will involve the underground car culture of the famous high rising Donks. Lionel B initially laid the ground work for the show, two years ago and he immediately impressed the producers with his unique concept and production quality. The show is slated to feature Lionel B, Trick Daddy, and a few other well known celebrity Donk riders. When asked about what’s next for Mr. Barnes, he replied “I got a project with Rockstar Games coming, I can’t really talk about yet, but it’s for sure a green light with it”. The jack of all trades and master of all Lionel B is the true definition of a hustler. To find out more about Lionel B, you can follow him on Instagram and Youtube  –

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